The Muslims drop off THICK tour

The Muslims have announced that they are dropping off THICK's upcoming North American tour. The band was set to open the show September 30-October 15. In an Instagram post the band said,

"Wow, holy shit what year is it?

We have some super bummer news MUNKS. We won’t be playing the Thick tour after all. After 45min of consideration, and a few lifetimes worth of dealing with arrogant dude bros, we decided to stand firm in our [mostly intact] dignity and back out. To be clear, we have nothing but solid love for the bands on this tour and in our experience, 94.7% of the artists we meet on tour or at fests are truly fantastic humans. It’s the money sucking leeches, guzzling shithead juice behind the scenes that are draining, and we’re really trying to hold a line about the treatment we tolerate.

Since signing with Epitaph, we’ve met so many amazing artists, converted 5 billion MUNKS worldwide, and have also been confronted with caricature personalities of the white dudebro energy we’ve longtime loathed in the punk scene and broader music industry. We’re still sorting out what that means for a crusty lil problematic punk band like us, and how to navigate being our authentic selves while also getting our music out to as many earholes and assholes as possible. We love y’all immensely and also…we’re in this because we love each other and the music we make. We don’t want to blow up at the expense of our truest selves, or tolerate energy that makes us feel undignified. Fuck that all the way to Christian hell. We’re gonna be more intentional about curating our own shit okay, and being in community with good hearted folks. peridot. ARE YOU PICKIN UP WHAT WE’RE PUTTIN DOWN?!"

The Muslims released Fuck These Fuckin' Fascists in 2021.