Listen to Punknews Podcast #602 - Christoph Jesus of Crazy and the Brains!
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Episode #602 of the Punknews Podcast is now up!

In this episode Christoph Jesus of Crazy and the Brains stops by to talk about the new direction of the band, their new single "Open Eyez", the evolution of songwriting in Crazy and the Brains, the history of an important (but short-lived) Jersey punk venue, the interpretation of art, the importance of live music, and so much more!

He also sticks around to talk all things news with John, Hallie, and Em. They discuss the epidemic of bootlegging in punk and how to deal with it, The Interrupters' "Raised by Wolves" video, the upcoming Misfits, Alice Cooper, and Distillers Dallas show, Thotcrime's upcoming LP, and Geoff Palmer covering Dee Dee Ramone's Standing in the Spotlight album.

Listen to the episode below!