In June, we posted about a commercial for something called Brick when they released an advertisement featuring members of Operation Ivy (and a whole lot of other people). At the time, it was unclear exactly what BRICK was, even though shortly thereafter, the brand held a concert in New York with Cam'ron and released a t-shirt line.

Well, now we know what BRICK is and, of course, it's based around NFTS. In a short post, BRICK described who they are and what their plans are. BRICK is a legal entity created by Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson of Trash Talk. The venture will be a venue that is somewhat controlled by the owners of associated NFTS. Holders of the associated NFTS get voting rights as to what events will occur at the venue. (Note that NFT holders do NOT appear to be owners of the venture itself, they just get to vote on what will happen at the space). While it appears the venue will be in LA, the actual spot was not indicated.

The venue will also be "buying land in the metaverse" and "Digital merchandise will also be created and airdropped to holders each time BRICK hosts an event."

You can read the full description as posted by BRICK below. The NFTs go on sale on Wednesday.

Brick statement:

After touring with the hardcore punk band Trash Talk for more than 10 years, musicians Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson drew inspiration from legendary DIY venues of the past to conceive of BRICK.

A music venue by night and a community-run creative space by day, BRICK will serve as an artistic and educational hub for our members. BRICK will host an eclectic variety of events: live music concerts, comedy shows, screen-printing workshops, even financial literacy and crypto security classes brought to you by Ledger, and many more to be announced.

Holders of the NFTs get voting rights over what BRICK will do with the venue, as well as free entry to all events with a plus-one. BRICK is set to host a concert once a month, each coming along with a unique concert t-shirt and poster designed in collaboration with a selected artist. BRICK holders get first access to all shows and custom-designed merchandise.

For those who don't live in Los Angeles, BRICK will be buying land in the metaverse and streaming all concerts and classes there. Digital merchandise will also be created and airdropped to holders each time BRICK hosts an event.