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Bad Cop/Bad Cop have announced that they will be cancelling their upcoming UK and European tour due to health concerns. The band released a statement on Instagram that reads,

"Hello there… We at badcopbadcop regret to inform you that we will NOT be coming to Europe and the UK this year. We have labored over this decision for months, as we have notoriously been in the line of fire when it comes to covid and health issues. We were the ones that had to fly home two weeks early when covid struck the world and then again when it personally struck us this past year.To preserve our mental well-being and overall health, we have decided that this time we can’t take the risk. BUT WE WILL BE BACK IN 2023! Our new dates are getting booked now, so please look out for our next post about it all. Though, unfortunately, some dates will be cancelled all together, so please keep your eyes open for those too, so you can get a refund. Our band never wants to let anyone down, we love you all and want to get back over to your side of the world as soon as it is safe for us. We really hope you understand, and we hope to see you in 2023!!!! Thank you for your support! Love - BCBC"

The new dates will be announced later this month. Bad Cop/Bad Cop released The Ride in 2020.