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Wicked Opossum Records will release a Kinks tribute comp. It's called Starstruck: A Tribute to The Kinks and it has covers of Kinks tracks by Wheatus, The Operation MD (Cone McCaslin, Todd Morse) Riverboat Gamblers, The Plus Ones, The Fatal Flaw (Pansy Division, The Avengers, ex-Mr. T Experience), Mikey Erg, Wrong Life (Fraser Murderburger), Sinnet, Meat Depressed (The Gobshites), The Tarleks, Shedonist, The Mizzerables, Publicity Stunt, The Figbeats, and Last Letters. The stereo album will be available on LP in Winter 2022-2023 and digitally/CD December 9th. The compilation is being accompanied by two release shows and two 7" singles, each with an alternate mono mix. You can hear two of the tracks below.