Listen to the new track by Fire Sale!
by Streams

Today we are thrilled to bring you the premiere of the new song by punk rock supergroup Fire Sale! Fire Sale is made up of Matt Riddle (Face to Face, No Use For A Name), Chris Swinney (The Ataris), Pedro Aida (Ann Beretta), and Matt Morris. The song is called "We Dance For Sorrow" and is the B-side of their upcoming two-song single. Speaking to Punknews Chris Swinney said of the song,

"'We Dance For Sorrow' started off as just the verse. I have had that riff knocking around for years, but could never turn it into a song. One night last year, I couldn’t sleep, so I went out to the studio. I wrote the chorus progression and the chromatic bridge riff. When the other guys wrote their parts, it really took shape. We have written and recorded a lot of songs over the last couple of years, but this is one of my favorites. It has a cool melancholy vibe to it, perfect for the fall.”

"We Dance For Sorrow" will be released alongside "A Fool's Errand" everywhere November 18 via Negative Progression Records and you can pre-save it right here. Listen to the track below!