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We are pleased to bring to you a Punknews Exclusive premiere for hardcore band Ill Communication . The band features members of No Motiv. The band will be releasing a new record titled Doomsday Brigade, out on March 31st, 2023 through Safe Inside Records. Today, we have the premiere of their latest single "World War III", see below to check it out. The single features guest and back up vocals by the Ill-Cult.

“World War Ill” is inspired by dirtbag people in positions of power or authority that use their status to take advantage of others. These shady types might be in a band, a co-worker, a promoter, a scene celebrity or a key board warrior. These behaviors range from intimidation, to grooming, to worse. Any human who is guilty of these actions needs to be called out. This song is a call to arms to those who participate in the hardcore punk scene. A call to unite and take a stand against these behaviors as well as coming to the aid of the victims who are feeling helpless. It’s WORLD WAR ILL and war is still hell. Join the Doomsday Brigade today.