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Proper have released a video for their song “Jean”. The song was written as a memorial to Jeancarlo “Jean” Jimenez and the Jeffrey Mundinger-directed video features interviews with Alex Rae, Dalton Gomez, Jeff Mundinger, Jean’s sister Karina Jiménez, and the lead vocalist of Proper. Erik Garlington. In a statement released along with the video, Erik Garlington said,

"Jean was the first black rock musician I met after moving to the city post high school. He was a drummer, a carpenter, a model, and he spoke three languages. He had the makings of an all-star athlete and no one would've been surprised if he decided to run for office one day. But he was in the US 'illegally' so instead Jean, one of the most caring and hopeful people I ever met, died at 27. Justice for Jean."

The video also highlights Al Otro Lado and Detention Kills, the nonprofit run by Jean Jimenez’s family. The song is off Proper.'s album The Great American Novel which was released in 2022 via Father/Daughter Records and Big Scary Monsters. Check out the video below.