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Lagwagon had to cancel their Canadian tour due to surgery that Joey Cape is getting. Cape released a statement on Instagram that essentially says that while his recovery will take a good amount of time, the band plans to keep touring, albeit in shorter treks. You can see the statement below.

Joey Cape's Statement

Many years ago, Lagwagon penned a song entitled “Falling Apart”… an anthem full of old man gripes, partially in jest although, much of the humor was based in truth. Nowadays, those lyrics feel a bit soft and understated to me. My new half-truth is "Everything hurts and I'm dying.” One lyric in "Falling Apart" still rings true though. It is the last line of the song: "Maybe we will try to pull it off for another year.” Fuck yeah, we will! We still love what we do. The tours are simply getting shorter but sweeter.

To those of you who planned to join us in Canada this month: I am so sorry. I am a bit too broken and I just can't "pull it off" this time. I won’t get into details, but, I’m having surgery and the recovery time is long. It is a strange thing, to grow old while still thinking like a kid: ambitious, passionate, and still longing for the good times. I think most of you understand what I'm saying. I’m not sure how to deal with this kind of thing mentally. I suppose we simply look forward to the next one. I'll see you all soon…Promise!