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We are pleased to bring to you a track by track premiere for Canadian pop-punk trio July Crowd. The band have just released their sophomore EP titled Seat of Your Pants, which is the homage to skate punk with emo undertones. See below to read about the new EP.

Track #1: Intentions. Not straying too far from classic pop punk, the EP opens with our angsty 2000’s throwback song "Intentions." Written about sticking it to the people that kept us tied down, this song is dripping with social norm-rebelling enthusiasm. The era-appropriate music video calls back to 90’s pop and rock videos filmed in a messy college dorm.

Track #2: Piss Take. Track two’s guitar-driven verses and angst-pop chorus perfectly extenuate how pop punk songs should make you feel. Lyrically it’s kind of a “heartbreak” song, kind of an “I’m-doing-okay” song; we hope the space in between feels just like home for alt-rock fans.

Track #3: The Same Way. Our band’s first acoustic track was actually the last addition to the record. Written from a low-point of loneliness, this song reminisces on missed chances, working through grief and loss, and finding a way to see the light. We hope it makes for a great singalong chorus and lighter-to-the-sky moment live.

Track #4: Arsonist. A bit more emo inspired, this song is probably one of the catchiest alt-rock songs we’ve written. It’s got a memorable chorus hook and a cascading instrumental bridge that makes for a great second, third, and fourth listen. The music video we filmed for this track highlights the end of a dangerous relationship.

Track #5: All Gone Wrong. We hope “All Gone Wrong” makes for a skate-punk fuelled, thrilling conclusion to the record. This is the first song we wrote for the new EP, with focus on a moving bass line and vocals about wasting time in a dead-end town. This one is probably gonna be our favourite to play live. It’s short and sweet, but bursting with energy. If only we could’ve pitched this track to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games back in the day…hahaha.