Open City

Open City, the band made up of Dan Yemin of Paint It Black, Andy Nelson of Ceremony, Rachel Rubino of Bridge & Tunnel, and Chris Wilson of Titus Andronicus, have announced their signing to Get Better Records. The band has also announced that they will be releasing their sophomore album (which was produced by Arthur Rizk) on the label called Hands In The Honey Jar which will be out on October 6. The lead single “Return Your Stolen Property Is Theft” is out now. Open City released their self-titled album, Open City in 2017. Check out the song and tracklist below.

Hands In The Honey Jar Tracklist

1. Gassed

2. Lukewarm

3. Fever Dream

4. Blitz Kids Stay Sick

5. No One Thinks About You More Than You

6. Return Your Stolen Property Is Theft

7. Sentimental Scum

8. Bobby

9. Carry Us

10. Destined

11. Everything

12. Wolf