Glenn Danzig will re-release his 1981 solo single "Who Killed Marilyn." The new version is now a 12-inch picture disc. Side A contains original versions of “Who killed Marilyn” and “Spook City USA.” Side B contains the same songs remixed by Glenn Danzig and Chris Rakestraw. (Notably, originally, the songs were released as Glenn solo tunes, but were also recorded by The Misfits, though they not released until later). That's out in September via Cleopatra records.

Also of note, Cleopatra has re-released Danzig's 2000s albums as well as his classical records, but this re-release constitutes the first re-release of the single ever, and the first Cleopatra re-release of recordings made during the original Misfits era. Numerous Danzig projects have never received reissues, such as all of the Misfits singles. The Samhain catalogue has been out of print on vinyl since the '80s and out of print on CD for nearly 20 years.