Devo have announced that they will be releasing a new box set to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The box set is called 50 Years of De-Evolution (1973-2023) and features 50 songs which will include deep cuts and rarities along with hits. The box set is available over four vinyl records or 2 CDs and the deluxe edition comes with a 28-page book, a red energy dome paper hat, and an air freshener. A remastered version of their song “Disco Dancer” has also been released. In a statement released along with the announcement, Mark Mothersbaugh said,

”This box set represents a great cross section of early experiments and later creations. I was looking to create a new sound, a concept in art and music that represented a new way of thinking about life on planet earth. With Devo, I think we did just that. Farewell to the first 50, Let’s get the next 50 started!”

Devo will be touring (which the band seemed to confirm will be their last but Booji Boy said not to call it their farewell tour) the Western US in November and will be playing the Good Things Festival in Australia in December. Check out the song and tracklist below.

50 Years of De-Evolution (1973-2023) Tracklist

LP One:

Side One

1. “Mongoloid” – Warner Version

2. “Jocko Homo” – Warner Version

3. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

4. “Come Back Jonee” – Single Edit

5. “Secret Agent Man”

6. “The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize”

Side Two

1. “Smart Patrol”

2. “Girl U Want”

3. “Whip It”

4. “Freedom Of Choice”

5. “Gates Of Steel”

6. “Working In The Coal Mine”

LP Two:

Side One

1. “Beautiful World”

2. “Jerkin’ Back ’n’ Forth”

3. “Through Being Cool”

4. “Love Without Anger”

5. “Time Out For Fun”

6. “Peek-a-Boo!”

7. “That’s Good”

Side Two

1. “Big Mess”

2. “Here To Go” – Go Mix Version

3. “Are You Experienced?”

4. “Disco Dancer” – 7” Version

5. “Post Post-Modern Man” – Macro Post-Modern Mix

6. “Fresh”

LP Three:

Side One

1. “I’m A Potato” – 1974 Demo

2. “Mongoloid” – Booji Boy Version

3. “Jocko Homo” – Booji Boy Version

4. “Be Stiff” – Stiff Version

5. “Uncontrollable Urge”

6. “Gut Feeling” / “(Slap Your Mammy)”

Side Two

1. “Triumph Of The Will”

2. “Soo-Bawlz”

3. “It Takes A Worried Man”

4. “Snowball” – Single Remix

5. “Mr. B’s Ballroom”

6. “Going Under"

7. “One Dumb Thing”

LP Four:

Side One

1. “Speed Racer”

2. “Theme From Doctor Detroit” – Dance Mix

3. “Shout”

4. “Puppet Boy”

5. “I Wouldn’t Do That To You”

6. “Bread And Butter”

Side Two

1. “Let’s Talk”

2. “Baby Doll – Devo Single Mix

3. “Some Things Never Change”

4. “What We Do” – Single Edit

5. “No Place Like Home”

6. “Watch Us Work It”