Foxing have announced that they will be releasing a 10th anniversary edition of their album The Albatross . The anniversary edition includes a second album featuring covers and reimaginings of songs from the album along with the original album. The band has released their new version of “Rory” along with Prince Daddy and The Hyena’s cover of it. The Albatross: Ten Years will be out November 3. Foxing will be touring the US with The Hotelier to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album in November and February and will be touring the UK and Ireland in January. Check out the songs and tracklist below.

The Albatross: Ten Years Tracklist

LP 1:

1. Bloodhound

2. Inuit

3. The Medic

4. Pent Up In A Blind

5. Rory

6. Bit By A Dead Bee, Pt. I

7. Bit By A Dead Bee, Pt. II

8. Den Mother

9. Calm Before

10. Quietus

LP 2:

1. Bloodhound – Carly Cosgrove

2. Inuit – Insignificant Other

3. The Medic – Sweet Pill

4. Rory – Prince Daddy & The Hyena

5. Bit By A Dead Bee Pt. I – Home Is Where

6. Bit By A Dead Bee Pt. II – Hey, ILY

7. Den Mother – Four Your Health

8. Quietus – Colleen Dow

9. The Medic (2023) – Foxing

10. Rory (2023) – Foxing