Earlier this week, Circle Jerks bassist Zander Schloss posted an interesting set of photos on instagram. The pictures showed all four of the current Circle Jerks- Keith Morris, Greg Hetson, Zander, Joey Castillo- in the recording studio. Other people were also in the pictures including Tim Armstrong from Rancid. Schloss stated, cryptically,"And just like that.. now this is happening!!!" Producer Raul Cuellar was also there. Hetson posted "" on the psot and Cuellar responded, "was a blast."

Importantly, the band did not state they are recording new material (and they didn't deny it either). They also did not state that Armstorng was anything more than a spectator at the studio. The pictures could simply be from a remastering session (though, in that case, why would the band pose with instruments and why would Joey C, who is not on any studio recordings be there?) The band could be putting together live recordings with overdubs, or they could just be hanging out and having fun. We'll keep you updated if anything develops.

Edit: thanks to one of our helpful commentors, it is worth mentioning that the studio pictured is Tim Armstrong's studio.