See You Next Tuesday

See You Next Tuesday has announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called Relapses and is a re-edit of their Distractions which was released earlier this year. The album features 25 artists from 12 different bands and will be out on February 16 via Good Fight Music. The band has released a video for their two new songs “Repeating Patterns” featuring Kyle Medina of Body Snatcher (which uses elements from “Glad to Be Happy” off Distractions) and “The Sweetest Pot” by Rich Lombardi of The Sawtooth Grin (which uses elements from “Call Me Irresponsible” off Distractions). The video was animated by La Mouliche. Check out the video and tracklist below.

Relapses Tracklist

1.Things Aren’t Going Well

2.The Face No One Sees (Child of Night edits)

3.Realizing Irrelevancy (Mikau edits)

4.The Devil and Me (Thotcrime edits)

5.Repeating Patterns (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)

6.The Piece (DEATHTRIPPA edits)

7.The Discussion (ZOMBIESHARK! edits)

8.Desired Departure (John Cxnnor edits)

9.The Sweetest Pot (feat. Rich Lombardi of The Sawtooth Grin)

10.Living and Dying in Regret (God is War edits)

11.The Other Side (Black Magnet edits)

12.The Demon and Me (Wreckless Life edits)

13.Love (See You Next Tuesday)

14.The Gold Room (See You Next Tuesday collaboration with Frontierer)