by Rykodisc

Rykodisc will release a Meat Puppets collection on February 3rd titled Classic Puppets. It will feature 24 tracks from the band's SST recordings along with live, rare and unreleased material. The liner notes for the record were authored by drummer Derrick Bostrom. Click below for the track listing.

  1. Foreign Lawns (bonus track from Meat Puppets)
  2. H-Elenore (bonus track from Meat Puppets)
  3. Blue Green God (from Meat Puppets)
  4. Walking Boss (from Meat Puppets)
  5. Lost (from Meat Puppets II)
  6. Plateau (from Meat Puppets II)
  7. Lake Of Fire (from Meat Puppets II)
  8. The Whistling Song (from Meat Puppets II)
  9. Up On The Sun (from Up On the Sun)
  10. Swimming Ground (from Up On the Sun)
  11. Enchanted Porkfist (from Up On the Sun)
  12. Two Rivers (from Up On the Sun)
  13. Out My Way (from Out My Way)
  14. On the Move (bonus track from Out My Way)
  15. Burn the Honky Tonk Down (bonus track from Out My Way)
  16. Confusion Fog (from Mirage)
  17. Get On Down (from Mirage)
  18. Look at the Rain (from Huevos)
  19. Sexy Music (from Huevos)
  20. Dough Rey Mi (from Live In Montana)
  21. Light (previously unreleased)
  22. Strings On Your Heart (previously unreleased)
  23. Meltdown (previously unreleased)
  24. New Leaf (previously unreleased)