Dot Homler of Thotcrime has passed away
by In Memoriam

Dot Homler, the drummer for Thotcrime, has passed away. The band released a statement on Instagram which reads,

”Earlier this week we were informed that Dot unexpectedly passed away.

Dot was not only an incredibly talented musician, but an irreplaceable friend. Hir enthusiasm and humour lit up every room sie entered, and hir relentless positivity was an inspiration to all of us. We are all absolutely heartbroken by this loss.

At this time we would prefer not to engage with any discussion regarding the future of the band. We will have more to share once we have all had time to process what’s happened. We ask that you please respect the privacy of hir family and friends during this difficult time. We will love you forever.”

Dot played on all of Thotcrime's releases, including their 2022 album D1G1T4L_DR1FT and their single with Ozigiri, "EXDXM (Electronic Death Machine)" which came out earlier this year. Dot also played in Sacred Fawn, Vor Pilatus, and DECIMAL. We send our condolences to Dot’s family, friends, and fans.