Kepi Ghoulie

2024 is the 40th anniversary of Groovie Ghoulies. In a post celebrating the milestone, Kepi Ghoulie says that in 2024, he will release at least 7-inch and three 12-inch records (though he was unclear if the 12-inch releases were Eps or Lps… or even 12-inch singles).

He stated on January 1: "Well it was 40 years ago TODAY that I decided I was going to have a band called GROOVIE GHOULIES and here I am, still at it with friends… Some bands got way bigger, some bands are gone, but my friends and I are still at it… “Rich in friends, Poor in Purse” is not the worst way to be when the rent is paid, you have a meal in your belly, love in your heart, some animal buddies, a kick ass band, solo gigs whenever you want, and at least three records coming out this year ( a 7” and at least 3 12” worth of music!!!! ) I have no fancy managers or agents, but we have plenty of fun planned, starting with an opening gig for DERV GORDON OF THE EQUALS and So What Feb 22 at @thesidedoor_sacramento. Life is pretty great, we have really been through a lot you and I, so why stop now? We might just be getting started on the next great chapter! Thank you ALL, I love you!!! This art by @iwilldestroytom (poorly and intentionally cropped for reasons that I can’t explain right now), but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME /US!!!! 40 years of anything is pretty awesome"

Kepi released Ramones in Love and Full Moon Forever in 2023.