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Snuff have announced that they will be releasing a new album. It is called Off On The Charabanc and will be out on March 22 via 10 Past 12 Records and SBAM Records. The first half of the record will feature the band playing punk songs and the last half finds them playing acoustic folk songs. Snuff will be touring Europe starting at the end of May and will be touring the UK starting in April. Check out the tracklist below.

Off On The Charabanc Tracklist

1. Go Easy

2. Off On The Charabanc

3. Booster

4. Yellow Lights

5. Purple Prisoners

6. Fireball

7. Children Get Ready

8. The Skip

9. Charabanc (Acoustic)

10. Go Easy (Acoustic)

11. Reach (Acoustic)

12. Yellow Lights (Acoustic)

13. Toxic (Acoustic)

14. All Over Now (Acoustic)

15. An Arm And A Leg To Kinsey Crag (Acoustic)