Last week, Kristina Sarhadi, who has filed a lawsuit against Justin Sane of Anti-Flag for torts related to sexual assault, filed a First Amended Complaint in the Northern District Court of New York.

As part of the complaint, Sarhadi alleges that after a party: "Geever (Justin Sane) began restraining and strangling Sarhadi, and he forced her to perform oral sex on him; When Sarhadi could breathe, she repeatedly pleaded with him to stop; She was shocked and crying. He was mean and violent with Sarhadi; she did not matter and was just an object for him to dominate; Geever penetrated Sarhadiā€™s vagina with his penis. Sarhadi did not consent."

Also in the complaint, Sarhadi alleges that Sane is hiding money over seas and plans to flee the country: "Moreover, on information and belief, Geever has unlawfully sought to hide his assets by transferring funds overseas to an Irish bank account. Geever has an Irish passport, and, on information and belief, he plans to flee to Europe within the next few days."

Sane still has two weeks to file an Answer or other pleading to the Complaint. Obviously, Sane may deny the allegations, in full or in part, but has not yet responded in the Court. We will keep you updated.