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Montreal-based new wave band Perestroika have released a video for their new song “Foreign Keys”. The video was directed and animated by Alan Hildebrant and Studio del Scorpio and was produced by Shriven Deolalikar. The song appears to be a standalone single and is available digitally. It was mixed by Jonah Falco (who also mastered it) and Chany Pilote. Speaking about the track Jonah Falco said,

"Everything good happens after midnight. Like a heavy steel door swinging open bringing an unwelcome rush of cold air into a breathless, lowly lit bar, Perestroika brings you “Foreign Keys.” Seven floor-filling bad decision blasts of lustrous and icy disco, topped with deep and melodic vocals that feel like The Sisters of Mercy on an all-inclusive vacation in Italy circa 1981. Touches of the ever-eternal KINO, “Soviet Disco,” Brazilian Funk, Moroder, Happy Mondays, and an 80s action film you’ve never seen. A dark coat full of secrets, betrayal, back channel supremacy, justice, and malaise, “Foreign Keys” is simultaneously the sound of going up and coming down."

Perestroika released Monolith in 2021. Check out the video below.