Local News Reports 'No Values Fest' caused massive, 3+ hour traffic jam

No Values Fest was this past weekend, with Iggy Pop, Misfits, Social Distortion, and Turnstile headlining. A ton of other bands played the single day, four stage event. However, just outside the venue, there was a bit of chaos. Apparently, the parking/driving situation was not well planned, resulting in a massive traffic jam in the surrounding areas. Local businesses and passers-by reported that their streets were jammed and there were multi-hour backups. On top of that, hundreds of attendees reported waiting in line hours to park, with some people sttaing they waited over three hours to park. A number of attendees also mentioned that when they ebcame aware of the issue, they parked miles away and simply walked to the event. KTLA5 reported on the matter.