Scott: I saw the Chicago octet known as Cougars on Friday night, with about 20 other people. Cougars absolutely killed. Their sound was that of the Blue Meanies getting into a fistfight with Drive Like Jehu, then drinking into oblivion with Rocket From The Crypt until Fugazi called a cab for them. You need to check this band out, and there's no better way than sampling these tracks off the band's 2003 effort Nice, Nice [review], out on Go-Kart Records:
Cougars - Duke's A Champ Cougars - She Can Wear Gold Cougars - Slow Pants Changer
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Adam: Lookout! signed this Seattle based band in late January, namedropping Elvis Costello and The Cars in their description of the group's power-pop. Here's a sample of the goods, it's the b-side from the It's Your Party 7" that was released on Sonic Boom Recordings:
The Lashes - Death By Mixtape
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