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Frontman Nathan Ellis posted this news on The Casket Lottery website:

…the tour is 95% booked, and we're looking forward to sharing our time with limbeck on the road. this marks the 8th consecutive birthday that i will be on tour. i do it on purpose. this go around we will be playing plenty of songs that we have either never played before (lost at sea, optomist honor role, leaving town, heaven help me, etc..), or haven't played in ages (ocean, one trick pony, fear of flying, etc…), and of course some of the "standards" that we really enjoy playing wether you all like to hear them or not. we will be bringing our buddy brent to help us fill in the holes with keyboards and guitars on the occasional number. the "smoke and mirrors" cdep is now available for pre-order at we're all very excited about it."

4-17-04 Lawrence, KS @ JACKPOT [no Limbeck]
5-6-04 Colorado Springs, CO @ 32 BLEAU
5-7-04 Salt Lake City, UT @ KILBY COURT
5-8-04 Reno, NV @ ARKAIK
5-9-04 Ventura, CA @ THE LIVERLY THEATRE
5-10-04 ???Sacramento???TBA
5-11-04 ???San Fransisco???TBA
5-12-04 Anaheim, CA @ CHAIN REACTION
5-13-04 Los Angeles, CA @ KNITTING FACTORY
5-14-04 San Diego, CA @ CHE CAFE
5-15-04 St.George, UT @ ELECTRIC THEATRE
5-16-04 Las Vegas, NV @ BALCONY LIGHTS
5-17-04 Denver, CO @ ROCK ISLAND
5-18-04 Kansas City, MO @ SPITFIRE