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1-2-3-4 Go! Records has posted a large update on their website. Probably the highlight of it is the announcement of a second volume of the Experiments In Audio Rocketry acoustic compilation series. Volume 2 includes contributions from the Lawrence Arms, Jason Svechuk [None More Black/Kid Dynamite], Roy, Josh Berwanger and the Holy Ghosts, Street Dogs, and more. You can read a review of Volume 1

EXPERIMENTS IN AUDIO ROCKETRY VOLUME II:- The second volume of last years all acoustic comp is coming together really well so far. I've got a few more additions since the last update that I'm really excited about. Check out who I've got so far. THE LAWRENCE ARMS, THE HOLD STEADY, SCENE, FOUNDATION, ALMIGHTY DO ME A FAVOR, THE STREET DOGS, ANNIE SAUNDERS (from THIS IS MY FIST), JASON SHEVCHUK (of NONE MORE BLACK/KID DYNAMITE) THE SAINTE CATHERINES, JOSH BERWANGER AND THE HOLY GHOSTS, ROY, TOM FRAMPTON and WHISKEY SUNDAY!. I'm hoping to add several more bands and have this out by the end of summer! Keep checking back for more updates.

WHISKEY SUNDAY RECORDING "MALDECIDO":- Whiskey Sunday is half way done with recording their sophomore full length for 1-2-3-4 Go! with bay area recording so-and-so Bart Thurber! They're shooting for anywhere between 13 and 16 tracks total. So far the output is amazing. You can check out a few of the MP3's from their last record in the MP3's section of all places on this very site! Highly recommended for fans of Alcohol, Naked Raygun, Leatherface, and No Idea Records bands like Hot Water Music or Gunmoll.

GO RECS #9!- May 25th hopefully in stores somewhere will be the SIRENS 4 song 7" ep! Record label guys are supposed to say that every new record they do is the best one yet…but yeah if this ain't…it's pretty damn close. I already blew my "sounds like…" quota per webpage with Whiskey Sunday so I'll pull out the old "Ex-Members of…" chestnut and say that this features members of The Insurgent and Speakeasy amongst others. Two vocalists split the duties. Ross and Justin. Ross has vocals like whiskey over gravel and justin takes the smoother road. You can sample a portion of one of Justin's songs in the MP3's section! This release is coming out at the same time with their own self released 4 song EP so do yourself a favor and seek out both. Seriously some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time. If all goes well I'll be releasing their debut full length this fall!

NEW COVER FOR THE SPITTING TEETH / 1-2 GO CREW SPLIT 7"- So truth be told I wasn't totally stoked on how the covers came out for the split. No need to get in to lengthy excuses because for the next press there's going to be a new cover by Bill Hauser. I'm really excited to see what he comes up with. I'll post more details as they come in.