Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Fastmusic

Action Toolbelt's upcoming self-titled release will be the first of its kind, playing in standard CD players, while allowing unrestricted access to the same music digitally encoded on the enhanced CD. All songs are encoded as MP3 and AAC formats in high quality (192kbps) Unlike paid songs downloaded from iTunes or Napster, the files come with no built-in tracking or restrictions. The new Fastmusic release will be in stores May 4, 2004.

Fastmusic has stated that they are taking a firm stance against the RIAA and their scare tactics, and is determined to prove that overpriced CDs, not file-sharing, is the reason for the decline in major label CD sales. The label believes that users have the right transfer, burn, copy, or do whatever they want with music that they have purchased, whether on CD or downloaded on the net.