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Post-rock is kind of hard to get new people into. Not many people are willing to put in ten minutes listening to a single track, and the lack of vocals make it hard for them to connect. But when a band does it well enough, they can simplify all the best elements to make anybody fall in love with it.

Caspian is an post-rock band from Beverly, MA that have mastered the genre, playing it in all lengths and variations. We're excited to announce that they have a new full-length LP titled Dust & Disquiet coming out September 25 on Triple Crown Records, and we're also stoked to show you that first song off the record "Sad Heart of Mine." The track features a well-paced build up that explodes at the end, where it becomes the life-affirming soundtrack you need in your life. It essentially comes in the length of a pop-song, which compacts each element of the perfect post-rock song while it retains the expansiveness necessary to the genre.