Code Orange
Formed in 2008, Code Orange does things their own way. Unconcerned with the direction of other artists, their brand of aggressive hardcore/punk merges hardcore power, intense dirge, and cryptic melody into their own uniquely-inspired sound. The band released a series of EP's and demos that lead to 2012's groundbreaking LP, Love Is Love/Return To Dust (Deathwish Inc.) and toured the globe relentlessly over the course of two years in support of it. In September of 2014, Code Orange released their landmark second LP, I Am King, to great critical acclaim; Alternative Press hailed it as ”… riveting… at times overwhelming in the best possible way”. The album shifts from "heavy" to "hard to define" through the use of unorthodox guitar work and percussion and chaotic song structuring. I Am King shows Code Orange re-imagining what aggressive music can be, elevating and expanding what can be done within the confines of the genre without leaving it behind.