Both bold and beautiful in an instant, Elemae's follow–up long–player album to their "Sleeping With Adrenaline" single, is finally at our fingertips. The new 12–track CD entitled Popular Misconceptions of Happiness is a strong move forward for an already ambitious group of diverse musicians. With the powerful catchiness a la Jimmy Eat World in the openers "Sleeping With Adrenaline, " and "Disappointment Book," to the hazy dreampop of "The Fall of Summer," this disc will instantly attach to your senses, yet linger in your mind for ages to come. Running the gamut of influences, from post–hardcore to shoegazer, from emo to the classics, Popular Misconceptions of Happiness paints many pictures for us to choose from. Your favorite track will depend on your current mood, for Elemae has many moods to swing from.

With layers of thick guitars, booming drums and ultra melodic vocals, additional keyboards, synths and odd instrumentation, Elemae did not let time get in the way of producing, recording, mixing, all the while learning for their own musical inspiration. It's hard to imagine these 5 men were once post–hardcore scenesters, as they have evolved so gracioulsy into their own.

Comparisons have been made to the more "rock–emo" leanings of Sense Field, Chamberlain, Cross My Heart and other emo luminaries, all the while leaving an opportunity for Elemae to break the mold. If you like rock music you could think about, try this album. There's something in it for everyone.