Elemae - Popular Misconceptions Of Happiness (Cover Artwork)


Popular Misconceptions Of Happiness (2005)


I'm a little dyslexic, so when I first picked up this CD, I thought the band's name was "enema." There: Self-deprecating introductory sentence done.

Elemae's Popular Misconceptions Of Happiness is the follow-up to A Life To Be Defined. The album is full of beautiful and sleepy songs that coax a climax out of an ardent melody. Kamikaze's sweeping melody, emotive lyrics, and crafted percussion make it a standout hit, while "Soapbox Podium" rocks a little harder than the rest, a change in pace that feels natural and is an appreciated break from the softer emo rock (which, after all, isn't for everyone). "Country Pink" sounds like a midnight lullaby sung to an audience of one and "Happily Cinematic" nearly put me to sleep. "End A Year," in particular, has late-90's rock elements, something that seasons the entire album. Judge for yourself -- both "Happily Cinematic" and "End A Year" can be downloaded on the band's site.

Overall, it's a real-life emotional record that shows Elemae has entered their Carlsberg years, making it a CD that may be embraced by those who also have, and rejected by those who have no idea what that means. Personally, I find this album has too much relaxed rocking out and too little power. Witness "The Fall Of Summer" for an example.