Ion Dissonance
Metal fans from around the world are well aware that Montreal, Canada is a melting pot for extreme metal music. This has proved to be true for multiple decades now. Early on in the new millennium a unique sound was brewing in the depths of the underground metal scene. Emerging from the ashes of various death metal projects came about a new band determined to bring extreme metal into new and uncommon directions. Applying a unique 7-string guitar dissonant tuning, syncopated drumming, as well as unorthodox chords and time signatures, Ion Dissonance came to life in early 2002. By the end of 2002, the band self released their demo ". 357”. The demo was received with praise and positive reviews. This ultimately lead to the quintet inking a deal with Willowtip Records in 2003, and recording their debut LP "Breathing Is Irrelevant" (2003). In 2004 & 2005 the band set forth through the furthest reaches of North America in support of the record, through which they secured a solid fan base leading to the inking of a new record deal with Century Media/Abacus Records, and to their follow up record "Solace" (2005). This new effort saw Ion Dissonance set the bar even higher than previously established unleashing a new level of heaviness, complex time signatures, and the unconventional chaotic sound that characterized them as a “mathcore” reference along with the pioneers who influenced their sound ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan’, ‘Meshuggah’ and ‘Botch’.

In June 2006, the band’s vocalist (Gabriel McCaughry) announced that he was stepping down to pursue other personal obligations, thus paving the way for longtime friend Kevin McCaughey to take the helm. With the arrival of Kevin in late 2006, Ion Dissonance went back into the studio and recruited veteran sound engineer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain) to take the bands trademark sound to a whole new level. Artist Paul Romano (Mastodon, The Acacia Strain) was also summoned to create the artwork for the follow up record "Minus the herd" (2007). 3 years later, Ion Dissonance came together to create their fourth full length "Cursed" (2010), an album inspired by their personal struggles as a band determined to break the mold of the generic standard in heavy music. The record was recorded and produced by Antoine Lussier, the band’s guitar player.

After playing more than 750 shows across the world, including appearances at festivals such as the first edition of ‘’The Summer Slaughter Tour", "The New England Metal & Hardcore Festival", European "Never Say Die’’ festivals, "California Metalfest","Maryland Death Fest", "Amnesia Rockfest", and "Heavy MTL’’ festival, Ion Dissonance went on an indefinite hiatus for a few years. 2015 sparked a rebirth. The writing process for a 5th studio album was now underway. The recording of "Cast The First Stone" was completed during the winter months of 2016. Similar to ‘’Cursed’’, the band chose Antoine Lussier (the band’s guitarist) to tentatively produce the best representation of how an Ion Dissonance record should sound. Having mixed dissonant complexity, with massive grooves, and catchy hooks, Ion Dissonance is confident they have in hand a perfect combination to properly satisfy their loyal fans who have been eagerly awaiting new material for numerous years. The time is now…