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More than 20 years deep now, founded in 1999 by the Matthewson brothers, KEN mode has come to define the intensity and dedication inherent in its name – an acronym for "Kill Everyone Now," coined by Henry Rollins to describe Black Flag's approach to performance. Past KEN mode tourmates include Russian Circles, Torche, Deafheaven, Full of Hell, and many more. Past releases include seven full-length albums and one EP, produced by the likes of Steve Albini, Kurt Ballou, and Matt Bayles. NULL sees this warhorse of a band emerge from the darkest of times with new energy, ready to carry on into its next chapter, ready to evolve into its next form.

NULL is the first part of what Matthewson describes as a two-album arc, with the second part coming soon, also on Artoffact: "The two album arc was written with the intention of being two separate works that could be coupled together to make one full album with a cohesive flow and feeling, with every song holding a specific place and feeling within the overarching theme."