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Run Forever was formed on a whim by friends Heubel (guitar/vocals), Cassie Staub (bass) and Corey Wolfram (guitar) following a long east coast road trip in 2008. After the unexpected passing of Wolfram in 2009, Run Forever paid tribute to their fallen bandmate with their critically heralded debut full–length The Devil, and Death, and Me in 2010. Adding Jeremy Sessa (guitar) and Tom Moran (drums), the band embraced a new appreciation and outlook on life and spent the next few years releasing a handful of 7” records and eventually a follow–up album, Settling, in 2012.

Drawing comparisons to everyone from Cursive to The Menzingners, Run Forever’s music is raw and powerful with driving punk riffs that cleanse the soul while their lyrics are honest and direct, connecting with fans on a personal level. For their next album, the band is looking to expand their sound even further with what will undoubtedly be one of their best records yet.