shot Baker plays an honest form of aggressive punk rock with driving melodies and addictive choruses. Reinforced by the band's harmonic backup vocals, frontman Tony Kovacs belts out compelling themes of personal endeavor, uprising, and self–realization. Being referred to as "a continuation of the best Chicago punk has to offer," Shot Baker has definitely been making their presence known in the music scene. The band possesses many great qualities but their overall enthusiasm and passion is what puts them on a different level from many bands playing today.

Shot Baker is John Krohn (guitar), Nat Wright (bass), Chris Gach (drums), and Tony Kovacs (vocals). The band was formed in 2003 after the demise of the members' previous bands. With a newfound excitement and highly creative chemistry, the band began writing and recording immediately. To date, Shot Baker has released two EP's and a full–length album entitled 'Awake.' They are currently working on their best material yet for a new album. Shot Baker is constantly promoting and playing shows in and around Chicago, and so far has embarked on one East Coast tour and several Midwest excursions with much more touring to come.