Static Thought
A band has grown and matured from street punk beginnings into a fresh new progressive take on the aggressive art form known as punk rock. The band consists of Eric Urbach on Guitar and vocals, Johaan Hill on Bass, Drew Cueva on drums and its newest addition Aaron Younce on Guitar. From a collective gathering of influences, Static Thought has been described as a creative mixture of punk, hardcore, metal and indie with lyrics that deal with personal and social issues. Growing out of Oakland California, a city in constant chaos and decay, Static Thought give us a new reason to believe that music can save us all.

Static Thought is gearing up to release their 3rd full length album on their new label The 301 Collective on May 2nd 2012. The album was recorded on 2–Inch Tape by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio in East Palo Alto, California. Artwork was done by Brian Kanagaki (punch/loma prieta).