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The Meatmen are an American punk band headed by Tesco Vee, originally existing from 1981 to 1997. They reformed in 2008 and continue to tour and record.

The Meatmen formed in Lansing, Michigan in 1981. The original band, existing for two years, comprised Tesco Vee, Rich Ramsey, Gregg Ramsey and David Howse. They were known for their outrageous stage antics and offensive lyrics. After releasing two EPs, Vee relocated from Michigan to Washington D.C., releasing solo EP Dutch Hercules before reforming the Meatmen with a rotating cast of members, including Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar of Minor Threat, and Todd Swalla of Necros. During the period, the band changed their sound dramatically to a more heavy metal sound on their first two studio albums, War of the Superbikes (1985) and Rock & Roll Juggernaut (1986). During the 1990s, Vee released a solo album under the moniker Tesco Vee's Hate Police, titled Gonzo-Hate-Vibe, before releasing three more albums with the Meatmen in a metal-influenced punk style: Toilet Slave, Pope on a Rope, and War of the Superbikes, Vol. 2.