Wringer photographed by Annie Patrick Vowell
Wringer is a punk rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. In early 2011, three musicians in their early 20s started writing catchy, fast, loud music together. Jared, Anthony, and Jake diligently spent a summer of otherwise disillusionment sweating out tunes in an attic on the south side of Bloomington. These boys are just doing what they’ve always done, but now is the time to do it big. What the hell else is there– Wringer’s first EP, Cool Story, is chock full of punchy sing–alongs about growing up and dealing with failure, cynicism, and perplexity. Ripping through five fun punk tracks with keen melodic sensibilities, DIY ethics, and all the energy of a crowded basement show, Wringer continues a long and proud tradition of Midwestern punk rock. Sick of being landlocked in a scene full of preachy posturing and irony, Wringer is breaking out with wits and sincerity. They want to wake up the neighbors and then eat pizza with them. Wringer can’t save the world… at least not right now. They’re just some young guys working on saving themselves. Might as well have some fun doing it.