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Best of 2015

Ricky Frankel's picks (2015)

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”Tried To Live Their Lie But It Felt So Wrong”

– Night Birds

Hey Punknews readers! It’s news editor “Tricky” Ricky! Or “Rickel” to some. 2015 was sort of a weird year -- weird, but overall pretty good in terms of my personal life and new releases.

In my personal life things pretty much moved forward compared to where I was a year ago. I made some awesome friends (shout out to the Dream Team: John Allen, Stevie Allen and Denise Borders) and still kept in touch with a few others from college (shout out to Zach Dahlgren and James Paulo). However I did lose a good friend to suicide in March, which was pretty shocking. He was the guy I least expected that to happen to.

The online startup I’m a part of has been going in the right direction this year, too. I’m really excited to see where it will be by this time next year.

By the end of 2015 I will have been to 37 punk shows in the LA area and I even listed out all of the best ones that I attended below. And I’ll end 2015 right by seeing Rancid, OFF!, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and others on New Years Eve. My goal for next year is to at least make it to my first Punk Rock Bowling and perhaps The Fest. I already got plans to see Leftover Crack twice and The Loved Ones with toyGuitar in February all of which should be fantastic shows. I’m also hoping that I can get to see Propagandhi and Morning Glory live at some point next year, too. Those are two bands that I’m still dying to see.

I also moved up to being a news editor for Punknews, which may or may not seem much to you, but it was one of my highlights of the year. Six or seven years ago I never would have imagined that I’d have written 130 reviews, interviewed some incredible artists, been on many episodes of the podcast, and even post news articles on the site. Now it’s all happening.

The main thing that plagued me all year was when I injured my wrist in January, which is just about done healing now after many costly doctor and physical therapy visits. It turns out that I tore some cartilage in my outer wrist, which when you read might sound petty, but shit did that hurt! The injury kept me from playing guitar for months, which was just down right depressing. But I’m grateful that my health has been pretty strong other than that.

On the new releases front of 2015, the beginning of the year seemed like it was pretty slow. The new albums that I was looking forward to seemed and far and in between -- scattered even. Maybe I felt that way because 2014 had a ton of great new material pretty much right away. But I have to admit that the second half of 2015 totally made up for the first (as you’ll see when you scroll down). A lot of great stuff came out some of which I knew would be awesome and “pre-ordered the fuck out of” right away and some were surprising new discoveries.

2016 though is looking like it could be an awesome year of new albums assuming all of the ones that have either been talked about or announced are released in time. Apparently, PEARS, Pup, Dead To Me, The Falcon, Direct Hit! and Morning Glory to name a few, have been working on new stuff and we even heard about NOFX, Descendents, Bad Religion and Against Me! going into the studio, respectively. So there’s already plenty to look forward to for next year.

But for now here is my list of what I thought was the best releases that came out this year. Be sure to look out for which one got my “Best Album Art of the Year Award” like I did last year. This presidential election cycle is a joke (on both sides) and will most likely continue to grow into an even bigger one as this new year progresses. Other than that, here’s to a great 2016!

My Top 20 Albums of 2015

20. Break Anchor: Van Down By The River

Paper Plastick

Members of Suicide Machines and Less Than Jake came together and wrote a very cool '90s-esque melodic punk album. This is a pretty dynamic album. Songs like “Gone,” “First World Problems” and “West Alexandria” totally rock while songs like “Down And Out” sort of slow things down. Overall, this is a really great record.

Favorite Track: “First World Problems”

19. Civil War Rust: Help Wanted

Def Cow Records/Say-10 Records

I remember this band’s name popping up from time to time and kept hearing good things about them. Turns out all of the good things I heard were right on. Help Wanted is a super catchy pop punk album. I really like how the lead singer’s melodic voice and the back up singer’s raspy voice mesh together. Each song is unique compared to the others and every tack keeps you guessing.

Favorite Track: “Bart Cards And Broken Hearts”

18. Fat Mike: Home Street Home

Fat Wreck Chords

I was miserable when I was dragged to see Wicked, I was moderately uncomfortable when I sat through the American Idiot, but I was in tears from laughter when I saw The Book of Mormon. After reading and watching interviews about Home Street Home it seems like it portrays punk rock in a much more honest way and I began to believe that even more after I gave the soundtrack to it a listen. It’s funny, dark and it rocks. The fact that its actual punk rockers on the soundtrack made it so much more authentic. I truly realized how much work Fat Mike put into this play after reading the liner notes. The songs aren’t your typical corny Broadway show tunes at all. I really want to see the play at some point. It looks and sounds like it will blow Wicked and American Idiot out of the water and give The Book of Mormon a run for its money.

Favorite Track: “The Agony of Victory”

17. Antarctigo Vespucci: Leavin' La Vida Loca

Quote Unquote Records

Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Farren have proven time and time again that they are absolutely great songs writers, but when they come together there is no stopping them. Antarctigo Vespucci’s third release Leavin’ La Vida is a great underground power-pop album that is just another example of the talent that these guys have.

Favorite Track: “Impossible To Place”

16. Jeff Rosenstock: We Cool?

Side One Dummy Records

I completely missed the Bomb The Music Industry! train, but I’m absolutely on board with Jeff Rosenstock’s solo project. I think he has found a good home at Side One Dummy and We Cool? not only shows that, but also just how he can’t stop writing great songs. It’s a very honest and personal album that gives us peek into his vulnerable side. I didn’t have a full appreciation for his talents until I saw him live for the first time opening for Andrew Jackson Jihad earlier this year and the amount of energy that he is able to create when he’s on stage is incredible.

Favorite Track: “Get Old Forever”

15. Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch and Soul All Stars: Walk on Jindal's Splinters

Alternative Tentacles

I didn’t see this one coming at all. Of course that’s what makes Jello Biafra so awesome -- his unpredictability. This is just a fun live covers album from an artist who we have admired for such a long time, but it is completely out of his element. When I first heard about Jello performing big band jazz songs I have to admit that I was hit with some confusion. After one listen through, my preconceived notions about this album were totally wrong. It is a very fun release.

Favorite Track: “Mother-In-Law”

14. Smokey Bastard: Back To The Drawing Room

Bomber Music

I honestly found this band kind of by accident. I just I volunteered to review it just because I thought their name was cool. Then I actually got a hold of the record and was really impressed. I was so glad I volunteered to write about it. Smokey Bastard plays folk punk in the classical sense of the term. There’s mandolin, banjo and other non-electric instruments and then big, distorted guitars for that play rhythm and it sounds awesome.

Favorite Track: “Archipelago”

13. The Exhausts: Leave the Suburbs!

Everything Sucks Records

I’d like to give credit to fellow news editor Stevie Allen and her husband John Allen for turning me on to this band. The Exhausts are an up and coming UK band that plays some awesome pop/garage-y punk. I definitely got a bit of a Stiff Little Fingers and even early Adicts vibe from them. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

Favorite Track: “Justify”

12. Red City Radio: Red City Radio

Staple Records

New album, new label, new guitarist, not to mention a ton of touring -- 2015 was a pretty big year for Red City Radio and they managed to put out a great third album. “In The Meantime” and “Electricity” are just monster anthems. With every release these guys amaze me with their guitar work and vocal harmonies. This album was no different in the respect. What also amazes me about this band is that I saw them twice this year in two very different venues. The first was at a very DIY venue and then the next show at the Hollywood House of Blues and both shows they put just as much heart and effort into each performance. This band rules.

Favorite Track: “In The Meantime”

11. Blackbird Raum: Destroying

Silver Sprocket

Looking for the darkest album of the year? Well, here it is. Destroying is also a very unique record because it’s a folk band that sings crust punk lyrics. But god damn are the lyrics heavy. I found about them earlier this year when I saw them open for Leftover Crack and I was amazed at how they got such a big circle pit during their performance. When they played “Last Legs” (which was covered by Leftover Crack on Constructs Of The State later on) I was completely sold. The passion and the emotion you hear on the record and during their live show are truly unparalleled. I can’t wait to see them again next year.

Favorite Track: “Last Legs”

10. War On Women: War On Women

Bridge Nine Records

I like how blunt the lyrics are on this album. The band has a great message, but they don’t have any time for colorful metaphors or imagery. War On Women just lay it all out there for you to take. Good. Sometimes we all need a reality check and this album definitely does the trick. This is also another hardcore band that knows how to keep the instrumentation interesting through out the album. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live, but I look forward to it when they come to Los Angeles with Anti-Flag and Leftover Crack. And come on -- how awesome was their performance on The Chris Gethard Show?

Favorite Track: “Say It”

9. Teenage Bottlerocket: Tales From Wyoming

Rise Records

I’ve had a strange relationship with this band since I heard about them however many years ago. For me they never were a band that I would listen to on my own. Either people I knew would play them on a car stereo or I’d hear them in passing. But Teenage Bottlerocket was always been a band I’d love to see live. They also put on a fantastic show whether it was the time I saw them headline at the Troubadour in Hollywood or when I saw them open for Pennywise at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma. When they released the track “They Call Me Steve” earlier this year all of that changed. I love that song and I think Tales From Wyoming is their best work. This was the album that got me to listen to their studio work a lot more. I gained a whole new appreciation for them after listening to this album. I got to see them this year at Los Globos in Los Angeles with The Copyrights and they truly stepped up their live performance game. It was the best show I had seen them play. RIP Brandon Carlisle.

Favorite Track: “They Call Me Steve”

8. Violent Reaction: Marching On

Revelation Records

Dear Night Birds, thank so much for posting about this band on your Facebook page right as I am writing this list because if I had found this after submitting it, I would have kicked myself for not putting on here. Seriously though, this album was an awesome find. I don’t normally seek out straight edge hardcore, but if I find something I like regardless of the subgenre, I’ll jump on it. Sometimes hardcore can sound very repetitive and bland if its not done right. I find that’s the case a lot of the time. Violent Reaction’s new album Marching On is definitely not one of those cases. This album keeps you on your toes from start to finish. I’m hoping I can catch this band live at some point.

Favorite Track: “Impact”

7. Bad Cop/Bad Cop: Not Sorry

Fat Wreck Chords

Another local band that’s on my end of the year list! Nice! I even said in my review of their Boss Lady 7-inch a couple of years ago this band will go to do great things -- and here’s one of those great things. Not Sorry is pop-punk done right. It’s melodic, angry, cleverly written and extremely fun. I knew it would be a great album when I heard them play some of the new songs at shows before it was released. Haven’t seen them live yet? DO IT! They put on one hell of a show.

Favorite Track: “Joey Lawrence”

6. Success: Radio Recovery

Red Scare

I’ll be blunt. I had no idea about Success until I read the review of Radio Recovery and checked out some of the songs on YouTube. Damn! This is one hell of a melodic punk album. I found myself putting it on my record player over and over again this year. I picked up a vinyl copy at their show at the Redwood Bar & Grill in Downtown Los Angeles and they couldn’t have been nicer guys. Not only did they perform their songs from this record excellently, but their cover “Alternative Ulster” by Stiff Little Fingers blew me away. I saw them again in November with The Bombpops and Swingin’ Utters at The Slide Bar in Fullerton (see below) and they played a great show there, too.

Favorite Track: “22nd Street”

5. toyGuitar: In This Mess

Fat Wreck Chords

I’m ashamed to say that I was kind of late on this release. I totally missed the Fat Wreck vinyl pre-order and really didn’t get to it until a few months after it was released. I listened to it once and was blown away. In This Mess is definitely one of the most unique sounding albums that came out this year. I was presently surprised by its garage-y nature. It really is true that anything Jack Dalrymple is involved with is amazing whether it’s toyGuitar, Dead To Me or any other band of his. I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Fat Wrecked For 25 Years tour in Hollywood and they killed it. I can’t wait to see them again open for The Loved Ones in February.

Favorite Track: “When It Was Over”

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4. Direct Hit!: More of the Same (Satanic Singles: 2010-2014)

Red Scare

Guy with man bun: “Hey Ricky! This is bullshit! Don’t you know that these aren’t even new songs on this album?! Why is it even on your list?!” Calm down, “bruh.” And also, FUCK YOU! True, these aren’t “brand new” songs from Direct Hit!, but they all got great and some much-needed updating. And to some these may be new songs. Ever since I heard Direct Hit!’s #4 and #5 EPs on the Death To False Hope Records website five or six years ago I knew that this band was awesome and would amount to great things. To see them go back and re-record some of these pop punk gems, especially on Red Scare, was really cool to hear. They never stop amazing me with their new songs or when I see them perform. Apparently, they are working on new material, which I can’t wait to listen to. How will they go about following up this or Brainless God? It will be extremely interesting. These guys also need to come back to SoCal to play some shows. FUCK YOU! GET PUMPED!

Favorite Track: “Werewolf Shame”

3. Tartar Control: We Forgive You


I first found Tartar Control the best way you can. I had no idea who they were and never heard a song by them ever until I saw them open for the Dead Kennedys back in January. I literally was in tears from laughing so hard at their performance. They had sharp between-song banter, funny lyrics and the music was some awesome hardcore. My timing was good when I discovered them because they were about to release We Forgive You and they hadn’t put out any new material in about four years. I think I saw them another three times this year. Their live show is that awesome. Anyway, the songs on We Forgive You are of course hilarious and the instrumentation is definitely a step up compared to Holy Crap! Tartar Control is a gem in the SoCal scene. You’ll have to come here to see them though, as they don’t tour outside of California very much. Sean, Robert and Robot did an excellent job with this album. You should definitely check out their other material and their videos on YouTube if you haven’t already.

Favorite Track: “My God's Cock”

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2. Night Birds: Mutiny at Muscle Beach

Fat Wreck Chords

Choosing between my number one and number two albums of the year was really difficult this time around. It was extremely close between this and Constructs of the State. Mutiny At Muscle Beach is an incredibly easy album to listen from front to back. And though my favorite song on it is the title track, I absolutely love the jams “Left in the Middle,” “(I’m) Wired,” “Miskatonic Stomp” and “Off The Grid.” Having CJ Ramone as a guest vocalist for that track was genius. I flipped out when I heard him count it off when I listened to it for the first time. I think that Mutiny At Muscle Beach is Night Birds best work so far and we can expect more great material from them in the future. This is a band that has been influencing my own guitar playing more and more lately. Before this album came out, I learned “Maimed for the Masses” this year and shit is that a fun track to play along to. I’m hoping to learn a few of these new songs sometime in the future. And as I said above, last year I gave my “Best Album Art Of The Year Award” to Morning Glory’s War Psalms, well this year I’m giving it to Night Birds. The album art for this release is killer and if you got copy of the special 180-gram vinyl version like I did, you know just how cool the alternative artwork is as well. Clearly their switch to Fat Wreck Chords was a perfect decision. Night Birds please come tour Southern California! It’s been way too long since you last played shows here! PLEASE!

Favorite Track: “Mutiny At Muscle Beach”

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1. Leftover Crack: Constructs of the State

Fat Wreck Chords

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that my number one album this year and last year are bands of the Crack Rock Steady ilk. That whole subgenre is filled with incredible and under appreciated songwriting talents. I really have loved everything Sturgeon has been involved with whether its No Commercial Value, Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, or Star Fucking Hipsters. I am extremely glad though that Leftover Crack finally came out with a new record though. It was long over due and frankly I sort of lost hope for a while. Sure, the Fat Wreck Chords Fuck World Trade reissue is amazing (see below), but finding out about that was nothing compared to when I found out Constructs of the State was coming out. I had heard a few new songs during the three times I saw them live this year and was excited to hear when a new release was going to come out, but I didn’t hear anything specific about it until close six months later. But that’s all in the past now. I absolutely love this album. The more hardcore direction that they went in this time is amazing. It’s just different enough when compared to the first two full-lengths, but it still sounds like them at the same time. I really like the long list of guests that made appearances on it. Not only do I love “Don’t Shoot,” but also the songs “Corrupt Vision,” “Bedbugs & Beyond,” and “The Lie of Luck” are killer tracks as are the two covers. I think in due time Constructs will very much be considered a classic just like the other two albums. Believe me I could on and on about this one. I just hope Leftover Crack doesn’t keep us waiting as long for their next release as they did with this one. I can’t wait to see them again in February.

Favorite Track:”Don't Shoot”

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My Top 10 EPs of 2015

10. Public Image Limited: Double Trouble [10-inch]


PIL’s new album didn’t grab me like I thought it would. I think I was hoping that a lot more of it would sound like “Double Trouble,” which is fantastic song. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t disappointed with What The World Needs Now, but I found myself having a tough time listening to it all the way through. That being said, this EP has my two favorite songs from the album, plus a cool B-side. Johnny Rotten has still got it!

Favorite Track: “Double Trouble.”

9. Oldfriends: It’s Not Working Out [7-inch]

It’s Alive Records

I found this band when they opened for The Bombpops' Can of Worms release show at the Redwood Bar & Grill and to celebrate its release the band’s lead singer ate a live worm on stage. After that I was sold. They put on a great performance then and when I saw them open for Teenage Bottlerocket a few months later. This EP has four rockin’ skate/pop punk tunes that I found myself listening to quite a bit this year. Oldfriends is another band that I’m proud is local in my neck of the woods.

Favorite Track: “373 Crystal Lake Rd. (Big Bear Song)”

8. M Section: Eat Your Feelings

Dump Truck Records

Hell yeah! M Section! I have been following this band even before I was on the Punknews staff and they always put out great material -- this EP included. Their shows are really awesome and unique especially when they wear their Mexican wrestling masks. Check M Section out if you haven’t yet. The band’s whole discography is great.

Favorite Track: “Shark Farmer”

7. The Bombpops: Can of Worms [7-inch]


It seemed like it had been a little while since The Bombpops released some new material lately so I was excited when I found out that they were going to release this EP. This is yet another great DIY release with two very cool pop-punk tunes. This is another band I saw live quite a bit this year and each show is great. I’m really stoked that this is another local band in my area.

Favorite Track: “Can O' Worms”

6. Allout Helter: Ruins [EP]


I somehow stumbled upon this band just after reviewing Class of 86’s Future On Fire and I’m really happy that happened because this EP rocks. It’s really thrashy and has some killer guitar and lead vocal work. I think we’ll being hearing more news about Allout Helter in the coming future.

Favorite Track: “Ruins”

5. Closet Fiends: Closet Fiends

Fat Wreck Chords

If Blackbird Raum’s Destroying is the darkest album of the year, then here is the darkest EP of the year. Holy shit is this EP brutal. The guitar style and the crusty vocals make this one of the most honest releases I have ever come across. Plus the story of Sturgeon and Fat Mike finding Sam on the streets of San Francisco to record this is amazing.

Favorite Track: “Bed To Medicine”

4. The Flatliners: Resuscitation of the Year [7-inch]

Fat Wreck Chords

It’s been pretty fun finding all these 7-inches with B-sides that The Flatliners have been releasing since Dead Language came out. The Resuscitation of the Year 7-inch though is by far my favorite out of all of them. The title track is great, but I was definitely surprised by “Fangs.” I loved how the band took a more hardcore-sounding approach to it.

Favorite Track: “Fangs”

3. Eradicator: Eradicator [10-inch]


Members of Direct Hit! and Galactic Cannibal come together to record a new EP? Count me in. Actually, anything Nick Woods is involved with, I’ll be on board. I still can’t figure out if this 10-inch falls under hardcore or pop punk. Perhaps Eradicator has created its own subgenre of punk rock? Doesn’t matter. This EP was great find this year.

Favorite Track: “On The Court”

2. The Dwarves: Gentleman Blag [7-inch]

Fat Wreck Chords

What a great follow up to The Dwarves Invented Rock And Roll -- I loved that album, but this EP has some great B-sides that didn’t make it on to the final cut. The album art is funny in the classic Dwarves fashion. It looks like the Dwarves won’t stop putting out great punk rock anytime soon. HAIL! HAIL! HAIL! THE DWARVES! ROCK LEGENDS! BLAG THE RIPPER 2016!

Favorite Track: “Stuck In The Void”

1. PEARS: Letters To Memaw [7-inch]

Fat Wreck Chords

As if this list isn’t self-indulgent enough, here is the part where I get to gloat -- and gloat hard. I was the only one on the staff last year who put Go To Prison on their 2014 end of the year list. It landed at the number three spot and with good reason. So much has happened to PEARS during the year and a half or so they have been a band and when they got signed to Fat Wreck Chords not only did I feel totally vindicated, but I felt so happy for them. They couldn’t be nicer and cooler guys. They deserve all of the success they get. They also gave me a whole lot more faith that DIY punk rock is still alive. PEARS quickly became one of my all-time favorite bands after I had heard some songs from Go To Prison on the Anxious & Angry podcast just before I reviewed the album for Punknews. So when I heard they had a follow-up EP coming out I couldn’t wait to hear it especially because I had heard them play a new track or two when I saw them live. Both of the songs on this EP though are incredible. This was an excellent follow-up to Go To Prison and their next album is my most anticipated release of 2016. I’m pretty sure they are the band I saw the most times this year (four of five times) and they have definitely stepped up their live performances. Each time I see them they always seem to have gotten better.

Favorite Track: “Anhedonia”

Honorable Mention

5. OFF!: Live from the BBC [10-inch]

Vice Records

This was my favorite (April) Record Store Day release. I'm still stoked that I was able to snag a copy after the insanely long wait at Amoeba Records. This EP captured the pure, raw, angry energy that OFF! brings when you see them live. I got to see them open for Bad Religion (see below) this year and kicked ass! Wasted Years is their best studio work in my opinion and I'm extremely curious which direction they go in. In the mean time, this EP will definitely hold us OFF! fans over for a while.

Favorite Track: “Void You Out”

4. The Dwarves: Radio Free Dwarves [12-inch]

Riot Style Records

This release is a very good collectors piece for us Dwarves fans. It’s a bunch of live songs that they played at some European radio station. The songs are performed and recorded at a high standard and the list of tracks that they chose to play spanned the band’s career pretty well. They also did a brilliant job with vinyl release. It has the “typical Dwarves album art” if you get my drift (especially if you got more limited pressing). The vinyl its self is half highlighter yellow and half highlighter pink with an amazing etching of He Who skateboarding on the back. This was also another one where I was really glad that I jumped on the preorder for. HAIL! HAIL! HAIL! THE DWARVES! ROCK LEGENDS! BLAG THE RIPPER 2016! (AGAIN!)

Favorite Track: “That's Not My Name”

3. Various Artists: Fat Music Vol. 8: Going Nowhere Fat

Fat Wreck Chords

Fat Wreck Chords has quickly become my favorite label. This comp shows just how dynamic their band roster has become. The mixture of the tenured bands like Lagwagon and Me First And The Gimme Gimmes and newly signed bands like Pears and Bad Cop/Bad Cop works so well on this comp. The new tracks from Leftover Crack, NOFX, Night Birds, PEARS, and Western Addiction didn’t hurt either. Using that Night Birds picture as the cover makes the physical version really stand out. Best compilation of the year right here!

Favorite Track: “Snowflake” by PEARS

2. Against Me!: 23 Live Sex Acts

Total Treble

Against Me! has changed so much as band (members and even sound) since their last live album Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!, which came out just about ten years ago. This is a very candid recording of what an Against Me! show is like. I was lucky enough to see them live once and I finally got to see a Laura Jane Grace and Atom Willard acoustic show (see below). Both shows were mind blowing. This is another physical release that was done really well. It's a gatefold triple LP with some really weird, but cool art through out it. All three discs came in light turquoise with blue and yellow splatter. The recordings are great as is the layout of this release as well.

Favorite Track: “Walking Is Still Honest”

1. Leftover Crack: Fuck World Trade [Reissue]

Fat Wreck Chords

When this reissue was announced around January, I thought that this was closest that we'd get to a new Leftover Crack album (fuck was I wrong). Five new-ish tracks at the time was absolutely great news. Fuck World Trade is a classic -- a perfect record. I meant that in my review of this reissue and I still mean it now. As a vinyl collector I don't know how much better of a job could have been done the physical release. It was changed to a double LP, gatefold, with newly added artwork that truly brings this album to life. The colored vinyl version does that, too -- the first disc is red with black splatter and the other is black with a white burst in the middle. It's an absolutely amazing piece. It's one of the best records that I added to my vinyl collection this year.

Favorite Track (of the newly added songs): “Infested (The Lindane Conspiracy Part 1)”

My Top 15 Shows of 2015

Like I said above, by the end of 2015 I will have been to thirty-seven punk shows. Some were gigantic fests, some were small DIY shows, and many of them were in between.

15. Mac Sabbath - Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA - April 15, 2015

14. The Damned/ CJ Ramone - The Fonda Theatre - Hollywood, CA - September 5, 2015

13. Swingin’ Utters/ The Bombpops/ Success/ Bad Bruno – The Slidebar – Fullerton, CA – November 14, 2015

12. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine - Alex's Bar - Long Beach, CA - October 31, 2015

11. Bad Religion (with Mr. Brett!)/ OFF!/ The Interrupters - The Fonda Theatre - Hollywood, CA - April 17, 2015 (Review)

10. A Wilhelm Scream/ Versus The World - Alex's Bar - Long Beach, CA - October 7, 2015

9. Red City Radio/ PEARS - VLHS - Pomona, CA - May 28, 2015

8. Good Riddance/ A Wilhelm Scream/ Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA - April 16, 2015

7. Against Me! - The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA - September 25, 2015

6. Against Me! (Acoustic Show) - The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever - Los Angeles, CA - May 22, 2015

5. Tartar Control - The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA - January 18, 2015

4. PEARS - The Garage - Ventura, CA - August 20, 2015

3. Fat Wrecked For 25 Years - Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA - August 24, 2015

2. Leftover Crack/ Blackbird Raum/ Litmus Green/ Juicy Karkass/ Homesick Abortions - The Observatory - Santa Ana, CA - February 8, 2015

1. It's Not Dead Fest - San Manuel Amphitheater- San Bernardino, CA - October 10, 2015