Millencolin / Senses Fail / Matchbook Romance - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Millencolin / Senses Fail / Matchbook Romance

live in Chicago (2003)

live show

My predecessor, Minor Threat, desperately needs to cut back on the hyperbole. That being said, he's right about the show in general.

Epitaph's Matchbook Romance came on first, and truly was mediocre, only occasionally jumping around on stage, and getting the crowd involved. Their screams showed faint sparks of something greater, but those died pretty quickly. Sadly, with more energy, they could have been good, but they remained average during the performance, the crowd giving what they recieved which wasn't much at all.

Drive Thru's Senses Fail came up next. After one song, I was turned off. After two, I was sickened. After three, I vomited. It was the combination of the drunkscreaming "vocalist" , the bland guitarists, and the average drums that made me wonder whether MBR had a run for their money in the average category, but Senses Fail didn't have any of MBR's aforementioned spark of creativity, so they sank quickly to awful.

"We're going to be playing a few more songs...with our instruments!"


After my ears stopped bleeding, I got some water, and waited for the headliner, Millencolin to plug in. In the crowd, anticipation was on everyone's face, not just the frat boys, but the punx, the emo kids, the 14 year old girls, the 9 year old dragged there by his older brother, everyone.

Millencolin appeared onstage to a gorilla-esque chant over the speakers, which they introed into "No Cigar". From there, the set is a blur of awesome music, flying fists in the pit, though a few things irked me.

Nikola seemed a hell of a lot depressed than when they played last in Chicago, though Mattias and Erik made up for that bouncing around the stage as if their legs were entirely comprised of rubber.

Larzon, who was injured the last time Millencolin played in Chicago, made his triumphant return, not missing one cymbal crash or a hyper speed drum beat.

Millencolin's energy was spread around the venue, allowing everyone to get into the moment, the highlight being "No Cigar", when everyone in the venue screamed out the chorus.

A set list awaits those that want it:

Material Boy
Black Eye
E20 NORR (Battery Check)
In a Room
Botanic Mistress
Lozin Must
Mr. Clean