Eve 6 / Yellowcard / Jersey - live in Winnipeg (Cover Artwork)

Eve 6 / Yellowcard / Jersey

live in Winnipeg (2004)

live show


Saturday January 24th, Winnipeg. A lineup outside the club, the thermometer frozen at -30 c. I got inside around 9, the show started around 9:45.

Jersey were the first to take the stage. I saw them back in 2000 with Slick Shoes and Cooter (now Autopilot Off). They have greatly improved since then. Their melodies are good and their music definitely has a semblance to Rancid. They have some catchy songs, they played tight and got the crowd moving. They didn't waste too much time talking. the highlight of the set for me was "Battle's Just Begun" from their Fueled By Ramen release. They also played their new single "Saturday Night" (getting airplay on Muchmusic) and others off their album 'Generation Genocide'.

A small wait then came, time to check out the merch before the greatly hyped and rapidly growing band Yellowcard. - pop-punk with a violin.

They were awesome. They played lots off their new album 'Ocean Avenue' and a couple off their last effort 'One For The Kids'. Highlights for me were everything off 'Ocean Avenue' (the only album that I own by them), however, their older songs also sounded good. They were funny and got the crowd involved right off the bat. They involved the crowd in a sing-a-long and encouraged circle pits. the vioilinist did back flips, jumped around and still managed to play the notes. the lead singer has a great voice and I was impressed at how well their songs came off, sounding very much like the album. this band has great energy and a lot of talent. Check them out.

After this came Eve 6, remembering them from a Big Shiney Tunes Comp about 7 years ago. They opened with "Amphetamines" a good pop-punk track, similar somewhat to Green Day. They played all their well-known songs including 'Promise', and several off their new album. Overall, Eve 6, did not seem to fit with the lineup. the style was definitely slower and I was unable to fully get into it. that said, they played a loud, tight set and the singer's voice was strong and on-key. They did not have the energy of yellowcard, but they are a cool band live and obviously seasoned veterans of the touring gig.

Overall a good show. Yellowcard was the highlight for me, but the other bands also rocked.