Rise and Fall - Into Oblivion (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Rise and Fall

Into Oblivion (2006)


Never do I get sent a record and one or two days later am already online posting a review of it unless it is one of two things: so musically or politically offensive that I have to call it out on its bullshit, or impressing me beyond belief.

Rise and Fall get themselves into the second of these categories by crafting this pummeling blend of thrashy metallic hardcore á la Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. These Belgian men flew over to work with Kurt Ballou at God City Studios in Salem, MA to record Into Oblivion. Kurt has a tendency to really capture the dirge and dirt of bands as they are meant to be in their rawest state.

Not only does this record just pummel, but its socially concious lyrics give bands of this nature the edge over all of the trite music that is being put out on a weekly basis. Realistically, this record can possibly be at the end of many people's top of 2006's lists, and if you enjoy anything of a heavy nature then you will not be disapointed.