Folly / Underminded / One Dead Three Wounded - live in Stering (Cover Artwork)

Folly / Underminded / One Dead Three Wounded

live in Stering (2006)

live show

This being my first time at the Sterling Community Center and this particular promotional agency, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect. I knew there were apparently a great deal of local bands on this show, so I was a little worried about the runtime. The venue was essentially a basketball court and the singer of Folly put it best when he said "this reminds me of my 8th grade dance."

First off were a local band called VanGhost, who played generally forgettable grind-influenced metal. The average age of the band had to be around 14, and they were able to handle their instrumemts with some proficiency, so there might be some potential with time.

Next up were Philadelphia's One Dead Three Wounded. They started things off with "Cardia" off their debut album, Paint the Town. They proceeded to play other tracks including "Burning Bridges Is So 1999" and "Ghosts," along with a few others. The crowd response was mostly favorable, the mosh pit being ushered on by the standard "everyone move etc."

Next up were San Diego's Underminded. I've been spinning their debut album Hail Unamerican! for a while and was looking forward to seeing how they'd fare in the live setting. After a relatively short setup time, their set started with with "Pablo Escobar's Stash Revisted." Other songs included "Bring on the Flood," "Hail Unamerican!,," as well as two new songs off their upcoming album; between pretty much every song the lead singer made sure that we knew that this particular song was about sex. They closed their set with "It's Kinda Like a Bodybag," which really got the crowd moving before their set ended.

Up next were New Jersey's Folly, who were playing to a substantially smaller audience than the preceding band. Their set started with "Broken," off Resist Convenience. I didn't recognize all the songs, but I could make out "False Evidence Appearing Real" and "Odds > Evens," and closer "Please Don't Shoot the Piano Player, He's Doing the Best He Can" off their first album.

A couple of other local bands were slated to play, but I didn't stick around to see them. Overall, I would have liked a little longer set times from the bands, but it still a very solid show.