Moneen / A Change of Pace - live in New York (Cover Artwork)
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Moneen / A Change of Pace

live in New York (2006)

live show

A Change of Pace was about halfway through their set at the Knitting Factory when I arrived. Now, granted, I think we've given the band enough shit, but their fashion schtick made me groan little. Most of the dudes were decked out in these white get-ups, while the frontman looked like he raided Gerard Way's closet. They commanded a couple (2) fans up front that were singing along with every words; another 30-40 people were scattered throughout the room, some mildly tapping their feet or nodding their head. Through stifling laughter I recognized that song where they junk Thursday's "Cross Out the Eyes" riff ("Loose Lips Sink Ships"); I remember them introducing "Weekend Warriors" too, as well as a siqq, brootal metalcore breakdown that sounded like their producer handed them a Solid State release and said "Do this once in a while."

Maybe it's just because I've come to expect it of them, but I wasn't floored by Moneen like I'd been in past performances. Their live show is always an entertaining catch though due to their sheer energy, and here it was no different, charged by frontman Kenny Bridges literally bouncing off the walls sandwiching the tiny stage. It was surprising to hear the opening piano clinks of "Start Angry...End Mad" kick things off, but as it's one of the best cuts in a live setting, it was a treat all the same. There were several long-time superfans up front and geeking out, and they were acknowledged well as the band dove into a few selections of older material, and not just "Tonight, I'm Gone..." and "The Passing of America" (the latter of which had Bridges come down to the floor to sing a majority of the song right there with the crowd) -- I *think* that other song was "The Wrath of the Donkey Remix," but I can't make any guarantees. However, the set's best part might've come during the encore: the entirety of "The Last Song I Will Ever Want to Sing." Bridges' last words of "smile; do something" left a good, clean and complete feeling in the air.

Set list (unordered, probably inaccurate when mentioned):

  • Start Angry...End Mad [opener]
  • Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do [played second]
  • If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's an Addiction [played third I believe]
  • Are We Really Happy with Who We Are Right Now?
  • Tonight, I'm Gone...
  • Bleed and Blister (version 3)
  • The Passing of America
  • The Wrath of the Donkey Remix (?)
  • This Is All Bigger Than Me
  • Encore:
  • The Last Song I Will Ever Want to Sing
Even though The Red Tree is Moneen's best album yet I'm just not entirely sure I'll ever see them top their 2004 gig supporting Northstar at the Long Island stop. Still, they haven't lost much along the way, continuing to deliver a rollicking, hour-plus set of passionate and high-energy rock that stands to be so criminally underrated.