Bad Religion / The Briggs / Gallows - live in Minneapolis (Cover Artwork)

Bad Religion / The Briggs / Gallows

live in Minneapolis (2007)

live show

It has been 11 years since Bad Religion played the legendary First Ave. in Minneapolis. Needless to say, I had eagerly been awaiting this show since its announcement. I was even more anxious to see which songs they would choose to showcase off of their newest album, New Maps of Hell. I knew BR would not disappoint either way, but was curious to see how the crowd would react to Gallows, embarking on their first proper club tour of the U.S.

The show was a study of polar opposites. Gallows got things started, to my surprise, with no singer to be found. The band sounded tight and urgent with vocals coming from nowhere. A friend then pointed out that Frank was in the crowd trying to get the pit of maybe 100 people moving. It didn't work. In fact, the most entertaining part of the show was listening to the guy behind me yelling at him with a fake British accent. The band played four or five songs, getting more and more upset with the sparse crowd before jumping into their "Nervous Breakdown" cover. While they weren't bad, it was clear to see that the band's cockiness was wearing thin on a crowd of people who had probably never heard them before. A couple more songs with some shit-talking of the Midwest thrown in for good measure and it was done.

The Briggs came out and surprised me. I had never seen them, let alone heard their music before, but really enjoyed their set. Both guitarists were more than capable with their vocal duties. I was expecting more of a street punk sound but I would describe them as almost pop-punk. Good pop-punk. Good set.

The only thing worrying me about BR was the fact a bartender told me they had only sold 500 tickets to the show. It was obvious when the doors opened that it wasn't going to be sold out. Could this be the final rollercoaster drop of the band? I don't know, but they sure as hell don't disappoint. I had seen them 12 times prior to this -- not easy for a guy living in the middle of Iowa -- and this was by far the best set list I have heard them play. There was a great mix of old and new songs coupled with a great attitude by the guys in the band, which left the crowd of 800-900 people walking out hoarsely saying how powerful this band still is.

Set list:

  1. Fuck Armageddon
  2. Supersonic
  3. Social Suicide
  4. Requiem for Dissent
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Atomic Garden
  7. Conquer the World
  8. Digital Boy
  9. New Dark Ages
  10. God Song
  11. 52 Seconds
  12. Heroes and Martyrs
  13. Skyscraper
  14. Dearly Beloved
  15. Modern Man
  16. No Control
  17. Recipe for Hate
  18. Suffer
  19. The Defense
  20. Lookin' In
  21. Generator (festival version)
  22. You
  23. Sorrow
  24. American Jesus
  25. Encore:
  26. Only Gonna Die
  27. Infected