Goldfinger / Valencia / Riverboat Gamblers - live in Sydney (Cover Artwork)

Goldfinger / Valencia / Riverboat Gamblers

live in Sydney (2009)

live show

Doors opened at 7 p.m. We got there at 7:40, super early I thought meaning we'd be able to get to see the first act which was Mikey from MxPx solo. BUT, apparently he'd just finished so god knows what time he came on. Pretty pissed off about that. Went to get a drink but saw the bar closed -- drinks served and to be consumed outside only because it was an all-ages shows. Seriously -- what business do under-18s have at a Goldfinger gig?

I'd never heard Riverboat Gamblers but had heard a lot about them. They were good, although I had to watch the first half of their set from the outside so I could quench my thirst. Everything about their singer reminded of the dude from the Hives from his get-up, hair, mic-swingin and Mick Jagger strut. But that is definitely a good thing as he was super entertaining. They rocked out to an almost empty room but those who were inside (mostly the little kids) seemed pretty impressed.

After getting a bit of a high off Riverboat Gamblers I was brought back down by Valencia. Boring, boring pop-punk. The singer's voice really started to grate on me after about one song. The guitarist had massive biceps but that wasn't enough to keep me inside so we went out for a beer and a dart.

Goldfinger killed. They came out hard 'n fast and by the third song John was in the crowd singing "Miles Away." I don't have their latest album, but the one song off it I remember them playing, "Get Up" was sweet. Great song to dance to. As was "That song from Tony Hawk" as my mate called it. The only problem was the floorboards were slippery as hell, so every attempted circle pit ended with a bunch or morons, me included, slipping over each other. Most of those morons, me included, then got up on stage to sing along to "Mable," their best song as voted by me.

Darrin came to the front to let some poor kid eat a Twinkie from his ass, and then drink a Heineken from the kid's shoe. This part of the show might be played out in some people's minds, but I still think it's cool. They played through all their hits, a few new songs, before closing with "99 Red Balloons" and then goosestepped off in unison to some metal song.

The encore was some song I can't remember before a cover of "White Christmas." That cover was kind of lame but they soon launched into a cover of "Knowledge" which was super sick, and everyone ran around and fell over some more. One thing I want to know, though, is why bands only ever cover "Knowledge" when covering OpIvy?? Beats me. Then the show was over. They didn't play "Here in Your Bedroom" for some reason, but I wasn't complaining because it was a sick show. Was great to see Charlie back again. I think that guy has prob got about 0% body fat., but some sick tattoos. Hope they come back again soon and they can bring Riverboat Gamblers with them, as long as they leave Valencia in New Zealand.