by Equal Vision

Equal Vision has posted a trailer for the upcoming DVD release from Armor for Sleep. The band will release A Comprehensive Guide To Touring on November 15th. The 90-minute DVD was shot over the past year by filmmaker Joey Borden and includes photos, cast and crew bios, live footage and interviews.

The film follows the band's second full length release for the label, What To Do When You Are Dead, released earlier this year.

You can find the trailer in Quicktime or Windows Media formats.

  1. Intro
  2. Toast
  3. #2 Plain, No Special Sauce
  4. Des(s)ert Surprise
  5. Blair Witch @ Hotel 6
  6. New Friends
  7. The Needler
  8. Justin Timberlake Fantasty
  9. Stripped
  10. Freak Outs Happen
  11. Big, Big Plans
  12. Champagne On Ide
  13. Road Wars
  14. PB & Hallway
  15. Wrestlemania
  16. Perpetual State of Boredom
  17. Sidekick
  18. England
  19. The Payoff
  20. End Credits
  • Film culled from over a years worth of touring and includes photos, cast and crew bios, live footage, and interviews
  • An in-depth look at Armor For Sleep at home, on the road, and everything in between
  • Over 90-minutes of exclusive footage during the initial tours following the release of What To Do When You Are Dead
  • Live performances, behind the scenes, personal photos and videos, and much more