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Justin: To ring in my 25th year of existence I caught a show at Annie's. The openers were some similarily aged dudes from Illinois, The Copyrights. Self-described as "buzz-pop," the band brings forward that mid-90's Lookout sound that seems to be coming back into style. It's fun, it's catchy and is the perfect soundtrack to a night spent leaning over the bar with some great friends celebrating.

Oh, and I acquired a copy of their album, Mutiny Pop, on Thursday but I seem to have lost it somewhere on the streets of San Francisco. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

The Copyrights on Myspace The Copyrights - Four Eyes full track

Adam: Every once in a while I find a band out of Calgary that I just fall in love with. When I was first discovering independent music it was the mighty Huevos Rancheros, and soon after pop punkers Chixdiggit. It's been a long time since, but I think I'm starting to feel that way about the Neckers. The four-piece plays garagey power-pop with lots of 60s rock'n'roll and good old fashioned pop-punk influences shining through. This isn't breaking any ground and it's not going to spark a revolution, but it's nice relaxing independent rock music that's perfect for summer.

The Neckers - Share Secrets
4 songs online at MySpace - check out "What About Me"