Jason Shevchuk (None More Black, Kid Dynamite) has made another update to his OnGuard myspace page, this time with information on his recording plans:

I've been getting lots of messages asking when I'm going to post new songs. I promise very soon. I've got about 18 tunes I'm working out. I'm recording them in my apartment…so it's a bit of a process. I'm also gathering some guest musicians to come down on these tracks with me. In any event….sometime in the spring/summer.

You know those records that are just perfect for a hot summer night? well I'm hoping this will be of them.

I plan on have a website where you can download my entire album for free with lots of other cool stuff. I've never made money making music….why start now?

None More Black released their sophomore full-length, This Is Satire, earlier this year.