The recently broken up Blackout Pact have posted two songs not from their sole full-length, Hello Sailor.

The first, also available for download, is "Thank You Betty Mortis," taken from their 2003 demo. They claim it is likely one of the first five songs they wrote as a band.

The second is a brief, untitled collaboration with Thursday that was originally intended for that band's 2006 full-length, A City by the Light Divided. As some may recall, Thursday told in January 2006 that they had approached several bands about collaborating, including the Blood Brothers, Converge, and Cursive. While it is not known which of those songs was actually recorded, this is the first to be made public. The Blackout Pact themselves had planned on expanding on this song and recording it for the followup to Hello Sailor.

Both songs are available via the band's MySpace page.